Every project begins with idea of a change.  Whether it's a whole structure or just one space, change is what brings you to Bridge Hall Design.  BHD is a architecture and interior design practice that wants to help you through that process of change.  From understanding your existing conditions to selecting finishes and cabinetry, Bridge Hall Design strives to usher clients along a path to realizing a beautiful, functional and timeless design.

Range of services provided:

  • Existing conditions survey
  • Regulatory and site constraints - Zoning, Historic district and Coastal reviews, hearings and applications
  •  A collaborative design process
  • Facilitate cost estimating and contractor selection
  • Sub-consultant (Structural and Mechanical) coordination
  • Construction documents and specifications for permitting and construction
  • Site observation during construction
  • Custom cabinetry and built-in design
  • Material and finish selection for exteriors and interiors